Letter to You!

I’d like to challenge you today if I may and ask you this?

Are you in a career that you can truly say wholeheartedly with 100% conviction you’re happy in? Chances are if you were honest with yourself you said “No”, even a big “HELL NO”, but if by any chance you said “Yes” then I’m afraid this message is not for you and I’d like to wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Is this picture your life?

As you wake in the morning to the sound of something oh so familiar, you roll over and hit dismiss. As you lie starring up at the ceiling, with that same old numb feeling you experience every morning, a feeling you would normally relate to hurt, wondering why you feel this way.

Then it hits you, as it does every morning as you prepare for your day in that same old routine, you’re about to head out to somewhere you dread being, a place that drains every part of your spirit wasting precious time that you could be spending more productively, time that you could be giving to your loved ones.

You realise, this career path you’re in was one you didn’t even want, a path that you were pushed into as a young adult due to pressures around you, and have been in for far too long wondering, why am I still here, this is not what I envisioned my life would be like. How could I have been so comfortable living this way without scrutinizing my circumstance?

But then you ask yourself, is change what I need, how can I transition into something else I don’t have the skill set for, do I have the capability to learn something new as I have been conditioned to one industry working a specific way for too long. Then doubt really sinks in, to the point you convince yourself that “Nope I can’t do this”.

Then you back track, as you’re tired of the neglect, tired of neglecting you, tired of neglecting your family, tired of the stresses of life weighing on your emotions, all you want now is a solution.

Just like you

You see, I too felt that same numbness; I could not stand what my life had become. I never envisioned a life of vigorous repetition to the point where I could not show up for the ones I care for and love the most. I truly felt like an emotionless robot, that no one could relate to and therefore became alienated.

Finally after life backing me into a corner for so many years answering to someone day in day out, year in year out, to the point I was constantly tired, and drained of all being. I couldn’t even see the affects it was having on the family, as they were suffering greatly.

Something had to change. That change came on the day of my son’s first nativity play. Because of how robotic I had become, where work is all I could see and think about, I had completely forgotten about his play. What followed later that day after receiving a voice message from my wife reduced me to a tearful mess.

I opened the message to hear him crying his heart out asking my wife why daddy doesn’t love him, why daddy didn’t show. That hit me so hard, like I had been thumped in the chest by a heavy weight boxer. It actually took me half an hour to compose myself again to go back into work, where I packed up my things and left for the day.

That hurtful day was the last day of my family feeling hurt by me. It was time to become a father and a husband again.

I started searching the internet for ideas of what I could do to change my circumstance. I went through every platform you can think of having no idea where to start. I explored many videos searching for inspiration through different avenues, searching for that much needed help. Pretty much the same thing you are doing now.

After rigorous searching nothing was resonating with me and I said to myself, “This is hopeless”, but for some reason I kept searching, and that’s when I came across a video series by a guy called Stuart Ross (Co-founder of SFM).

At first I thought, “Here we go again, just another gimmicky self-indulged fella about to spout how quickly I could start an online business and make a lot of money in such and such time”. Funny enough, that wasn’t the case at all. There was something about Stuart and his own story that resonated with me, and I thought, “Finally, someone that understands me and the pains and struggles I go through”.

He shared a video series with a step by step guide on how to build and online business along with an insight into the digital world of Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce.

He showed me that I have a purpose in this strange world of ours and that I could truly start to build a future to leave my legacy, a legacy I have always wanted to leave for my children.

Now by no means am I tech savvy, which was one of my greatest fears going into this series, thinking “how the hell can I do this, what do I know about starting an online business let alone building a website”. But to my surprise everything was laid out for me, all I had to do was be attentive, knuckle down and soak up the information being presented to me. And that’s what I did.

Honestly, I cannot wait to get to my laptop in the morning to start work on my new business venture, building my dream instead of constantly running the rat race.

We all have to start somewhere, so If you would like to understand how I changed my circumstance, click on the link below where you can enter your name & email address to receive the same video series I watched, a series that gave me real purpose to change and shape the future I deserve. 

You will even see testimonials from people who have walked the path for a while. You will hear their story, how they achieved success and fulfillment which they have earned through creating a business which encompasses them while bringing their visions and dreams to fruition.

I’ll be real with you, I fully understand that doubts and scepticism kick in when reading something like this, from a person you don’t know. I implore you to take the time and really think about where your future self will be, and if you do not like that picture, I am interested in hearing your story as are the wonderful people in the community.

Now If you’re anything like me where the struggle had to stop and you are sick and tired of your circumstance, click the link above for the video series containing free 5-10 minute workshops, workshops which inspired me to move forward and never look back again. I have also provided a link to authors which also inspired me on my journey. 

Once you have decided to view this life altering series, please, make me one promise that when you achieve this state you will share this gift with someone you care about to impact their life for the better.


I am Dale, founder of SPDFocus

“I feel that change for the greater good in your personal life is one that will bring fulfillment and success to anything you set your mind to, leaving a legacy for future generations to follow”.

Thank you,